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Competition Rules 2024

Narooma Camera Club, like most other clubs, runs an annual photographic competition for members.


The basic idea is the Competition Coordinator publishes a list of ten set topics, one per month from February through November and invites submissions for each month.   The outcome is Image of the Year in December.

It is not meant to just be competitive; the concept is that it also gives you a brief to try new things and the feedback helps you develop.


These are the rules:


The Competition Coordinator is a member of the club Committee with delegated responsibility to run the competition, maintain the Rules and competition email address and keep the necessary records, including properly storing the submitted images/files.

  • Only financial members of the club can enter club competitions.

  • All competition entries will be reviewed at each live monthly ‘Comp’ meeting, usually digitally on a Club Narooma TV screen. Prints will now only be used or accepted in special cases.

  • The competition moved to fully digital back in 2020, with email submissions, judging over the internet and results sent to members in a link via email - for those who dont attend on the night to have the critiques.


Setting the Topics

Members will be notified of the 10 set topics for the period February to November. These are documented and emailed to the members in time to prepare their entries by the first Tuesday in February. Set subjects will also be published on the club's website and our Facebook Members Only Page.

Submitted Photographs

  • must be wholly the original work of the entrant, obviously. Images taken by others are not permitted.

  • may be edited in "post processing". All such editing and manipulation of images using Photoshop or similar software must be the entrant's own work. While they may seek advice and guidance, the actual application of all adjustments must be done by the entrant.

  • that are simple composites produced by using parts of different images, e.g., replacing a dull sky with a dramatic sky, are permitted if both were taken by and merged by the entrant.

  • should normally appear as single images, not multi-image formats such as triptychs, unless specifically allowed in a particular Set topic.

  • should still essentially be a photograph and not graphic art based on a digital capture, unless specifically allowed in a particular Set topic.

  • there is no specific time limit on when images were taken or finished. (Ideally though, you would create new images using the Set Topic as your brief.)


Up to three entries per month can be entered in either Category of "Set" or "Open". Set meaning for that month's Set topic and Open for outside the monthly brief.

  • The entrant will nominate which Category of Set or Open that each image is in.

  • Members may enter either or both Categories, with no more than a combined total of three images but if three (3) are entered, at least one must be in the Set Category.

  • Therefore; 2 Set & 1 Open. Or 1 Set & 2 Open. Or 3 Set & 0 Open. Or 0 Set & 2 Open.

  • Use of multiple nearly identical scenes taken at the same place and time or re-use of the same scene with only different treatment, like B&W, is not permitted within each monthly submission.

  • Entries that have already won awards, cannot be re-entered in later monthly competitions.

  • Entries that do not win an award can be re-entered in later monthly competitions.

Entries are to be submitted in digital format via the website - follow the prompts to enter your details. You will receive a confirmation from "Jotform" confirming your entry has been received. 
(We will still accept entries by email if the form cannot be accessed, send to: )
Entries must be received no later than midnight on the first Tuesday of the month.​

  • When submitting each entry, the email 'Subject' should include the Month and entrant's Name; then the body text should include Month, Name,  Category and a Title or brief description of the image for each attached file, e.g.

    • 1. April, Mary Smith,  Open, Camel Rock

    • 2. April, Mary Smith,  Set, Sea Missed

  • Each image should be attached as a separate file in JPEG format

  • Only show a title in the filename, e.g., "Camel Rock.jpg" (Do not put your name in the filename! The judge is not to know who entered it.

  •  Image Specifications 

    • set it to the highest JPEG quality

    • 1920 pixels on the longest side and no more than 3MB in size

    • A fine black or white border is permitted within the 1920 pixels


The Competition Coordinator may adjudicate on any questions of eligibility of an entry for the monthly Set topic. The member may appeal any such judgement to another Committee member. A quorum of the Committee must then decide the matter promptly before the judging. Note that the Committee reserves the absolute right to refuse to accept or allow display of any images deemed inappropriate. 



Competition entries will be judged by an external judge we hope to this year have judges either live in person or via zoom and results emailed through and presented on the night by our Competition Co-ordinator.


All images will be judged, and are eligible to be awarded either Gold, Silver or Highly Commended (HC). There is a sliding scale of how many can be awarded based on how many are entered. Note these are a maximum limit, not an obligation, Judges hold the right to award as they deem fit. 

Image of the Year

The final competition of the year held in December is “Image of the Year”.

  • All entries must have been entered into a monthly competition during the year and must be as originally submitted, i.e., no reworking. (Remember, the original entries will have been stored by the coordinator)

  • Up to Three (3) images may be entered by emailing the nominated titles to the coordinator.

  • Nominations must be received by no later than midnight 30 November 2024.


Awards will be given to the Image of the Year runner ups.

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