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Canon - Some Tips & Tricks to Start out with 

75 Canon photography tips for taking control of your camera provide some great information on mastering your Canon camera.  This website provides very useful tips when your starting out to understand your new equipment.

Understanding RAW vs JPG when taking photos

The link below provides a great article which also has a video explaining the difference between raw and jpg files when taking photos and why its important.

You tube clip on Canon training its a long clip but worth it

This is a great training clip for all canon SLR models.   This is a you tube clip and there are some good tips here worth watching.  Lots of information from Aperture, ISO, manual settings, shutter explained.

5 things new photographers may need

This you tube clip gives some good information on what photographers need from memory cards explained to tripods to bags to basics on lenses.  Its a good tool to start from we arent saying you need all these items - just its a guide for you depending on how serious you are about your photography to how much you want to spend this is just an online tool to give you some ideas.  Our camera club doesnt endorse you need to buy any of this.

Camera Aperture explained

This you tube clip is a great one for explaining aperture shots.   

What is Aperture?

Put most simply – Aperture is ‘the opening in the lens.’

When you hit the shutter release button of your camera a hole opens up that allows your cameras image sensor to catch a glimpse of the scene you’re wanting to capture. The aperture that you set impacts the size of that hole. The larger the hole the more light that gets in – the smaller the hole the less light.

Aperture is measured in ‘f-stops’.

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