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About Us, Meetings and The Committee

The Narooma Camera Club (NCC) provides its members with a varied, interesting and informative platform in a friendly welcoming atmosphere. Members can enjoy their hobby and meet people with like-minded interests able to discuss all aspects of photography. 


NCC offers its members formal and informal training sessions, presented either by the more experienced members or guest speakers.  At NCC you can learn more about the

principles of photography, photographic equipment, as well as image editing software and techniques, such as Photoshop and Lightroom. Check out the links in our resources pages where you will find many references designed to help new members. 


Currently, all NCC judging is from digital images. 


​We will have guest speakers and judges at many of our meetings. The dates for these special events will be advised on our Website and Facebook Group. This information will be updated as the year progresses. 


​The NCC committee welcomes input from its members.  If you have any suggestions or feedback just put it in an email to the committee and we can look at making changes.         If you wish to contribute and assist the committee, your input would be most welcome.    


We meet fortnightly on Tuesday nights at 7pm-9pm


Our training/activity meetings are held at  Club Narooma  on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.   Our monthly competition/challenge is due by midnight on this night.


Our Image critique meetings are held at Club Narooma on the 4th Tuesday of every month.

Meetups and Excursions are additionally arranged and club members are informed via

email or our members Facebook page. 

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