Competition Rules

The Narooma Camera Club, like most others, runs an annual photographic competition. The basic idea is the Competition Secretary publishes a list of ten set topics, one per month from February through November and invites submissions for Image of the Year in December. These are the rules:



  • Only financial members of the club can enter competitions.

  • All competition entries will be digitally displayed on the Club Narooma TV, unless prints are the subject.

  • The committee will group members into Divisions A, B and C at the beginning of each year.

  • Submitted Photographs:

    • Must be the original work of the entrant. Photographs of images taken by others e.g. from publications, are not permitted, neither are pictures ​downloaded from the internet, whether modified or not.

    • That have already won awards cannot be re-entered in later monthly competitions.

    • That do not win an award can be re-entered in later competitions.

    • Must appear as single images, not multiple images such as triptychs, unless specifically allowed in a particular competition. Composite images which are produced by using parts of different photographs e.g., replacing a dull sky with a dramatic sky, are permitted.

  • Up to three entries per month can be entered, e.g. 2 set, 1 open or 1 set, 2 open or 3 set, 0 open or 0 set, 2 open.

  • Multiple use of similar scenes taken at the same time or re-use of the same scene is not permitted.

  • Any editing/ manipulation of entries using Photoshop or other software must be the member's own work. Whilst they may seek advice and guidance from experienced members or from external sources, the actual application of the software adjustments must be carried out by the member.

  • Photographs submitted should specify your Name, Division, Category and a title or brief description on the email, e.g. Mary Smith, Division A, Open, Camel Rock.

  • The photograph itself should only show the title e.g. Camel Rock.jpg (please dont put your name in the title) 

Competition Divisions & Categories

  • Competition entries will be judged within 3 Categories - A, B and C divisions.

  • Within each of these divisions the image will fall into either set of open categories.

  • Members may enter either or both of these categories, but with no more than a combined total of three photographs. If three are entered, at least one must be in the set category.

  • In each category images may be either colour or monochrome.

The Competition Coordinator will adjudicate on any questions of eligibility on any set subject entry. The member may appeal any such judgement to two other members of the committee. Such matters must be resolved prior to the competition.

Entry Specifications

  • Entries must be:

    • Submitted in digital format, to

    • Submitted no later than the first Tuesday (this will be the next day after our Workshop/ Tech. night).

    • In JPEG format.

    • 1920 pixels on the longest side and No More than 3mb in size.

    • An optional fine black or white border is permitted within the 1920 pixels.


  • Judging of competitions will be carried out by one of the following methods:

    • by an External Judge who will come to us 

    • Remote Judge, who will email us their feedback and one of our members will read out the comments.

  • Award winners in all competitions will gain points towards the end-of-year trophies.

  • From February 2021, awards will be either Gold or Silver.

    • Gold awards gain 5 points; Silver awards gain 3 points; Highly Commended awards gain 1 point.​

    • The number of gold or silver or HC awards available will vary according to the number of entries in each category and each division, in accordance with the table below.

  • Year-end Awards, based on the monthly competitions will be awarded for:

    • The most points accumulated in A Division during the year.

    • The most points accumulated in  B Division during the year. 

    • The most points accumulated in C Division during the year.


Images of the Year

  • The "Images of the Year" competition will be judged by an independent judge.

  • Members may enter up to three images in the "Image of the Year" competition.

  • All entries must have been entered in a monthly topic during the year.

  • Separate 'Image of the Year' and Highly Commended will be judged for each Division. 

competition scoring system