Held: 1st Monday of the month

At: Club Narooma - Montague Room 7pm-9pm

For 2020 our Monthly Training meetings are to be held on the 1st Monday of the month. 
Where:  Montague Room, Club Narooma - Princes Highway Narooma
Time:     7pm to 9pm

January 31, 2020

Have you wondered what Legal and what is Not ?  Wondered how it all works on the rules we must abide by with Street photography?  

Our club doesnt claim to know the right or wrong ways.  We dont know the full information legally but we have done some research and found the following articles on line and some seem to have some legal information and terminology its up to you the photographer to do your research and find out your rights, but here is a starting point.

Click on these 4  links or on the two button links below them.  There is some great information in these articles

March 01, 2020

So our first training night will be Monday 2nd March 2020 - at Club Narooma in the Montague Room where we hold our regular monthly meetings at 7-9pm.

1. Our club president Wes Smith will be going through with you on how to Calibrate your monitor.  

You will need to bring your lap top along so you can work and learn how to calibrate your monitor for the most optimal screen settings.  Wes will be there to go through and answer your questions regarding monitors.

We will then have a coffee break and then we will be presented with Ivans discussion on cameras.


2. Ivan Finlay will be giving a talk on camera basics and Depth of Field and explaining the how and why to make the most of depth of field use.  If you can bring your camera as well you can have a go and see exactly what he is talking about.

April 05, 2020



we have Booked in Carol who is a retired TAFE Teacher who has agreed to give us 2hrs of training as a group.

Carol will be explaining how to use Photoshop and answering your questions.

Please bring along your laptop so you can work and do things as you are going and understand what she is explaining etc.

All going well if our group enjoys Carols training she has said she will come back later in the year for an intermediate/advanced training session too.


***** Ross has advised us 10/3/2020 - That Nikon Australia has put on hold all events with Nikon Representatives *****  He has advised its not cancelled completely but on hold till we get the all clear on the virus outbreak. *****


We have been booked in with a Nikon Representative who will be in the area when we are due to have our meeting and he has agreed to come along and give us a talk on Nikon Lenses.

He has advised he will bring a few different lenses along and discuss which lens is better for the type of photography you are doing. 

He hopes to bring along some Macro lenses and give a show on what can be achieved with Macro photography in case any of our members are interested in branching into Macro Photography.

We will break mid point for tea and coffee.

Hopefully we will have some question time as well.

May 31, 2020

- Cancelled due to covid 19

July 05, 2020

- Cancelled due to covid 19


August 02, 2020

- Cancelled due to covid 19 

September 06, 2020

Narooma Camera Club would like to present 


Digital 101 - Photography Training.



  • Bring your camera along - Jeremy will be explaining some Camera things to us: 




  • Settings and how to customise your settings

  • Focus control, on your camera and ‘back button’ focus 

  • Jeremy has advised he is open to a bit of Q n A too.


  •  Bring your laptop along as Jeremy will be giving a talk on workflow from taking your image to downloading and what works well. 

October 12, 2020

So what will we do you might ask... 

Well a couple of our members have kindly offered to let us use their  have some softbox and umbrella lighting and have 2 reflectors and 2 flashes - for PORTRAIT fun -  (We hope some of those members who are very versed in Portraits might like to come and give us not so versed some instructions and help us out so we all learn and have some fun). 


We plan to have 3 static stations (that makes 9 people in portraits fun ) ie. 



  • 1 person models

  • 1 person photographs

  • 1 person holds the reflector you take some shots then do a swap... (that way we can be covid compliant) then move on to the next one... we hope to have some props for the models like hats or mask or wings etc... if you have anything you would like to share, bring it along.  We will have some dettol wipes and hand sanitizer so we are also covid compliant. 


We hope to have a still life table too to set up some flash photography (if you have some props to photography by all means bring some along) , or some oil n water in pyrex dish photography like this ...   So if we get more than 9 people we can set up around the still life tables ...   



We will have some instructions for each table on how to do what is there.   They will be laminated so they can be wiped down between uses.


What you need to bring.

1.  your camera

2.  your tripod

3. if you have a flash or reflector 

4. by all means bring them along and any props you might like to use - hat, clothing, still life subjects its up to you



  It's all about having some fun and learning new things. The only thing we ask is if you wouldn't mind letting us know in advance so we can plan the set up etc. 

November 16, 2020

November to be advised 

November 30, 2020

December to be advised 

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